Church Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet UK street takeaway dixi plus faces licence review over chicken fat odour The wafting smell of chicken fat down church street could see a fast food takeaway shut down by licensing chiefs. Dixi plus, at 143 church street, faces a barrage of complaints from neighbouring businesses to environmental health officers about overflowing bins, waste food and terrible odours coming from the premises. In an email in early march to environmental health officers he writes:Overfull waste bin(And surrounding Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags debris! )Was not emptied last weekend, and they are adding to the pile daybyday. Large number of black plastic bags have been torn open, and there is waste food visible inside along with other waste food lying on the floor around the bin. Councillors could also add extra conditions to the licence or remove the licence holder. Dixi plus was granted a premises licence in february 2007, allowing it to open from 11pm to 3.30am from Sunday to Thursday and between 11pm and 4.30am on Friday and Saturday. It faces an appeal from lancashire police in october 2011 to review its licence due to crime and disorder in or near to the premises, while at the same time mr zafar applied to be allowed to open until 4.30am on Sunday to Louis Vuitton M40249 Thursday and until 6am on Friday and Saturday.